When a loved on is passing it is a time of reflecting on the joy they brought to our lives.  It is a time of remembering the truth of how they caused us to grow and challenged us to embrace life.  However, we cannot simply neglect all the details that come when some one close to us passes, and our responsibility in letting them rest in peace.  Here is a helpful hint on some of the details there has to be tended to.

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Is there financial help if I need it?

There are a few options available:

Determine if the deceased person qualifies for any entitlements. Check with the Social Security Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and with your State Fund. Many people are entitled to get financial assistance with their funeral costs from these agencies if they qualify.
Review all insurance policies the deceased person has; including life insurance. Some life insurance policies have coverage clauses for funeral related costs
Find local charities providing financial help for funeral expenses. Search for non profit organizations and for churches in your area.
Talk to your funeral director about cremation options- these can be much less expensive depending on your choices.
Arranging memorial plans
Securing necessary permits and death certificates
Care and custody of the body
Coordinating all details with the clergy or service person
Arranging the music you have selected
Placing obituary and funeral notices in newspapers
Assisting in arranging for cremation and spreading of ashes
Assisting in arrangements for  flowers, urn, memorial books, food and beverages, video , photography service.
Arranging transportation for you and the members of your family prior to, during, and after the celebration of life
Supervision of the memorial service
All necessary arrangements for any need you may have: grief counseling,






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