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“Would you rather be in the ground or in the gulf?”

Planning with us is simple.  Just let us know your preferences for catering, music arrangements, floral arrangements, beverages, memorial books, photos, videos. We can provide as little or as much accommodations to meet your desires. Services can happen at all times of the day; choose from sunrise, sunset, or mid-day. Any of these choices will provide you with a graceful departure for your loved one.

A Memorial at Sea will help ease the burden of costly funeral services.

The rates of a memorial at sea compared to a traditional funeral service are significantly lower. A casket and ground space, alone can cost from $7,000-$9,000. Our costs are a fraction of that, while providing a full memorial service. Our prices start at $150 and increase only as you add additional people and services to your memorial.

Here are a list of services to consider when budgeting your memorial.

  • The number of people attending
  • If you’d like a clergy, priest or pastor
  • The time
  • Budget
  • Special accommodations
  • Food/beverage request
  • Music
  • Flowers
  • Memorabilia: guest book, photos/video

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