Keepsakes & Products


Creating a Memory Table

This is a chance to capture special moments  from the life of your passed loved one. There are many ways that Memorial at Sea can help you trace the memories. Here is a list of the keepsakes that we can provide for your service:

  • Gestures and tokens for guests: Prayer cards, certificates with coordinates of ash scattering…
  • Urns: Various earns available upon request
  • Guest books/Keepsake cards: These items can keep track of the guests attending the service, and be a remembrance of the deceased. 
  • Photos & video recording of the service: We can provide a photographer/videographer to record the moments of your memorial.
  • Candles: We can provide candles for purchase to include in your memorial service. 
  • Jewelry: Often times guests like to adorn their loved ones with necklaces and pendants that keep a small amount of ashes with them.