Location & Vessel

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island

Our vessels: We have catamarans, pontoon boats, a Navy boat, and sail boats. We can service 2-50 people in the beautiful area of  Anna Maria Island- Bradenton. The choice of vessel will be dependent upon the number of guests you will have attending your memorial service.





Our location:

Where is Anna Maria Island? On the gulf coast of Florida, about one hour south of the Tampa International Airport: launch from Keyes Marina on Anna Maria Island is attached by bridge to sunny Bradenton Florida. It is a charming seven mile island, lined with palm trees and sandy streets. It is one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, pulling in tourists from all over the world. Both the locals and the tourists find it hard to leave it’s beaches.
The island has a variety of restaurants; where the attire ranges from swim trunks to slacks. Anna Maria Island caters toward every palette, and offers fresh local fish and ice cream on every corner.


Proof of Sunshine:    weather.com